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SCAM SWT-AP water treatmentSCAM SWT-AP installation skid


The SCAM/SWT-AP water treatment is an automatic purge device of the tower circulating water. This system can be considered as a starting point of the water treatment, but not less effective than more complex treatments. It has been planned according to the installation needs of the cooling towers, by basing on our many years’ experience and on the feedbacks received from our clients in their application fields. The system is composed essentially of a panel set up for the conductivity measurement and the purge automatic control through an automatic valve. Water treatment system SCAM/SWT-AP is mounted on a wall panel and consists of a SCAM WATER CONTROL device for conductivity measuring and control connected to its power supply panel. Moreover there is a pipe complete of valves, sample taking and conductivity analysis probe wherein flows a reduced quantity of water coming from the tower circuit (pos.1).  The graphite thermo-compensated probe measures the conductivity value of the circulating water and compares this to the limit value set by the user (set-point), transmitting a 4-20 mA signal to SCAM WATER CONTROL device. If the measurement exceeds the said set-point, the panel proceeds with the opening of the solenoid on the tower purge drain (pos.2) in order to also drain the saturated water. 

The water flowing out  the probe well passes through a sample taking, before being introduced one again in the recycling circuit of the cooling tower (pos.3).

The automatic purge system avoids the excessive concentration of salts naturally dissolved in water and their precipitation which may affect the tower metallic surfaces causing corrosion.