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Cooling tower with VDI integratedCooling towers with VDI integratedParticular of stack with VDI integratedParticular of stack with VDI integratedParticular of VDI panel



SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. VDI INTEGRATED system utilizes technology available on the market in the energy savings field in order to optimize the power consumptions and consequently even the thermodynamic performances. It is known that the wet bulb temperature is characteristic to that place and it varies depending on the seasons. Such variation also follows the normal day and night cycle during which temperatures vary many degrees. Usually the cooling towers and their thermodynamic performances are selected on the heaviest period of the year that generally corresponds to the summer one. In this period the wet bulb temperatures are higher and then it is more difficult to make water cold. Therefore it is necessary to consider that it is not at all efficient to use the 100% air flow of the axial fans that equip the cooling towers, for the other seasons and in the same summer period during the night. This approach moreover is insalubrious to the environment surrounding us  and it contributes in the increasing of CO2 emissions.

SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l has thus engineered the integrated VDI system which operates by continuously detecting the temperature of the water going out the cooling tower by means of a dedicated probe. The detected data are transferred to the system managing the speed (Rpm) of the cooling tower axial fans, so that it can be adjusted on the instant need. The fans speed can be reduced progressively to the minimum value corresponding to 10/20 Hz frequency and then  turns off completely. In this way you have the possibility to vary with precision the flow of air crossing the cooling tower and, consequently, to obtain the following advantages:  

  • - Energy/cost savings  (up to 70% for continuous services of S1 type);
  • - Lower noise emissions, with the possibility, moreover, to work on differential band in day/night cycle.
  • - Lower vibrations and mechanical stress of the rotating parts and of the structural support.
  • - Lower CO2 emissions;
  • - Possibility, through a dedicated software, to work in DCS remotely – optional; 
  • - No additional control panel since system is independent; 

The described system contributes to the increase of the user gross energy savings; an aspect that is closely related to the acquisition of the white certificates (CB), according to the incentive national scheme of the energy efficiency.

The INTEGRATED VDI SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. system is made up of:

  • - Primary production IP66-67 inverter:
  • - Integrated isolator ON/OFF;
  • - Digital display for the parameterization and visualization of the main data such as fans Rpm, absorbed power in continuous, historical data and saved emissions;
  • - Direct management of the VBR vibration sensors equipping the fans;
  • - Immersion 4-20 mA temperature probe; 
  • - Protection roof against UVA;
  • - Wirings
  • - Parameterization instructions;    
  • - SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. VDI certification;
  • - After sales assistance by our specialized technicians.