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SCAM/SWTF water treatment system consists of a cyclone filter to be installed on a cooling tower in order to remove part of the suspended solids in the tower water circuit.

SCAM/SWTF cyclone filter is an automatic and self-cleaning filter with a centrifuge action. It is designed for the removing of all inorganic suspended solids with an high specific weight that frequently can be found in the surface waters (sea, rivers and lakes) and in the well ones. The filter ensures an efficiency higher than 90% in the removing of particles bigger than 70 micron and specific weight higher than or equal to 2,6 kg/dm3 and it is useful in the cooling towers make-up waters utilization or recirculating in close circuit a part of tower circuit water (defined “side stream” generally from 15 to 50% of the tower water flow).

The filter hasn’t any moving mechanical parts and then it requires little ordinary maintenance, besides having a low investment cost compared to more complex filtration systems such as the mechanical filters. The filter body and connections are in stainless steel in order to ensure a significant durability in time.

The process of separation of water sand and silt occurs by centrifugal force. The raw water, fed tangentially from the top in the central cylinder, creates a downward vortex to the equipment lower end, where takes place the separation of the suspended solid particles from the clean water. Through an ascending central vortex, the clean water goes up again and comes out of the filter. The muds expulsion occurs automatically by means of an hydro-pneumatic valve placed on the  filter bottom.    

A cyclone filter can be selected according to the flow of the inlet water to be treated. There are different types of growing dimensions directly proportional to the water to be treated flow. Each filter is equipped with an IP65 switchboard complete with electrical protection that in timed mode operates a solenoid, which bleeds automatically and continuously (10 seconds average for every purging cycle) the suspended solids piled up in the filter.