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SDS1 water treatment system is made up of a storage tank of adequate capacity (from 60 lt up to 230 lt) in polyethylene complete with water inlet, with plug and breather valve. On the top of SDS1, on a PP specific support is placed the electromagnetic dosing pump, diaphragm type, with microprocessor technology in multifunction version complete with digital display, with IP55 protection for outdoor use.  The pump has an aspiration tube complete with a bottom filter and a delivery pipe made up of a back vent valve and an injection one.

The SDS1 system  is composed of two versions:

  • - SDS1-B with biocide dosage, continuously “shock” timed  in the tower water circuit in order to avoid formation and proliferation of bacterial colonies that might affect the proper functioning of the cooling tower;
  • - SDS1-I  with anti-encrusting dosage proportional to the volume of water replenished in tower in order to avoid precipitation of crusting salts present in the water that might affect the cooling tower proper functioning. This system is supplied with a flow meter for the replenishing water with a pulses launcher sensor,  able to convey  a measurement signal to the pump that will dose the anti-encrusting product.

SCAM/SDS1 water treatment system is a basic equipment for the tower proper functioning and it is of simple composition and  easy maintenance.