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SWT1 water treatment systemSWT1 functioning simplified scheme


Sometimes the water consumption of an operating cooling tower has a significant impact and it is determined by: evaporated water + dragged water (through the drift eliminators, but normally less than 0.002% of the water circulating in the tower) + washout water (based on the concentration cycles), the consumed water is periodically re-integrated. The water level in the collecting tank is controlled by an automatic replenishing valve with an independent ball float (SCAM/VL). As explained the water consumption causes an increase in the salinity. This entails the opening of a washout valve at regular intervals to restore the correct salt concentration of the solution. At the same time the following dosages are effected: 

  • - an anti-scaling in proportion to the volume of re-integrated water in the circuit in order to prevent the precipitation of the dissolved salts;
  • - a biocide through a timed method in proportion to the volume of water in the circuit through regular shock dosages to prevent the proliferation of micro-organisms within the system.
  • The water treatment system SWT-1 (WASHOUT + DOSAGE) consisting of a panel that measures the conductivity (SCAM/WCNT) through an automatic control of the chemical products washout and dosage, has the following components:
  • - No. 1 measuring system SCAM WATER CONTROL (SCAM/WCNT) having a conductivity analysis sensor to control an automatic motorized valve of  washout on the  tower water conductivity;
  • - No. 1 hydraulic components set (PVC pipes, manual interception valves, Y filter, taking of samples, manometer, non-return valve) coupling for the pre-installed conductivity sensor;
  • - No. 1 supply switchboard having a protection breaker;
  • - No. 1 spherical 2-way solenoid (for washout).
  • - No. 1 anti-scaling dosage system having an electromagnetic pump complete with a tank aspiration set and a flow-meter (to be installed on the tower water replenishment) and minimum level switch to block the pumps in the absence of the chemical product (low level);
  • - No. 1 biocide dosage system with an electromagnetic pump complete with a tank aspiration set and minimum level switch to block the pumps in the absence of the chemical product (low level).

The purpose of supply does not include the biocide and anti-scaling storage tanks that can be quoted and supplied on client’s request (normally this is not required since the storage tanks are provided by the chemical products suppliers). The water treatment system can be managed onsite; on client’s request it is possible to manage this remotely by DCS SCAM/SWT-1/DCS.



As you see in the picture, in the SWT-1 system the water obtained from the tower circuit spillage (pos. 1) passes through an intercepting manual valve. It will immediately meet a Y filter that withholds any possible impurities, and then will enter the probe holder shaft where the conductivity meter is placed.  

The conductivity sensor (pos. 2), that is equipped with a compensation temperature sensor, measures the conductivity value of the circulating water and compares it to the limit value determined by the user (set-point). If the measurement exceeds the said set-point the panel proceeds to the opening of the solenoid  in order to drain the saturated water (pos. 3). The water flowing out of the sensor basin will pass through a sample taking zone and a no-return valve before meeting the chemical products injection section (pos. 4), and then being introduced once again in the recycling circuit of the evaporating tower (pos. 5). The two available dosage pumps are placed on the system support panel to carry out:

  • - the anti-scaling dosage (inhibitor);
  • - the biocide dosage;

The SCAM/CNPaNPB electromagnetic membrane pump, injects the biocide (pos. 4) periodically, and can be programmed through its own internal timer to enable the product to flow into the circuit in accordance to the desired quantities.

The SCAM/CNPaPPE electromagnetic membrane pump injects (pos. 4) the corrosion inhibiting product in proportion to the replenishing water volume in accordance to the impulses received from the water meter (pos. 6).

The dosing pumps are programmable onsite, but there is also the possibility to require a SCAM/ SWT1-DCS system, whose signals can be remotely activated in DCS. The pumps are made up of plastic material suitable for the contact with chemical products to be injected in the tower water circuit. 

The monoblock skid whereon the SCAM/ SWT1 system is placed is in fiberglass and has the approximate dimensions of 1100 x 500 x 1500 mm. It does not need to be anchored to the wall, but it can be positioned on the floor and electrically supplied  by the client. The replenishment flow counter and the washout valve are included in the supply in order to ensure the installation’s proper functioning, and these have to be hydraulically mounted by the client on the installation and electrically wired (current setup) to the system SCAM/SWT-1 switchboard.  

The recommended chemical products to be dosed inside the tower water circuit are respectively: a biocide  and an anti-scaling, whose dosages depend on the water quality (chemical-biological characteristics) and on process specific parameters. 

In order to ensure the best performances of the cooling tower according to the operative specific conditions of the system, it is necessary to turn to the supplier of these products that is entirely responsible of the treatment program.


For a specific quote, you can  contact  SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. Commercial Department.