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Historical shooting of REX Transatlantic on arrival in New York cityThe SCAM TPE founder - Cav. Lallo TorrielliCav. Lallo Torrielli at the early days during a TAC cooling tower assemblySCAM S.p.A. Cooling Tower for Franco TOSI S.p.A.SCAM S.p.A. Cooling Tower for FERRERO S.p.A.Mr. Daniele Torrielli at the early days during the assembly phases of a FAC cooling towerSecond generation the CEO - Dott. Davide TorrielliSecond generation the Sales Manager - Mr. Daniele TorrielliHistorical shooting of a SCAM S.p.A. natural draft cooling tower--U.S.A. Tower Tech technology Cooling TowerSCAM S.p.A. natural draft cooling tower at a refinerySOCIETE DE CONDENSATION ET APPLICATION MECANIQUE cooling towersNatural draft cooling tower for Michelin plant in TurinSCAM S.p.A. cooling tower now in operation for 30 years at FIAT Mirafiori plantHistorical shooting of FIAT Mirafiori plant whereto we are historically relatedHistorical plaque of the 120 MW combined cycle power plant equipped with SCAM S.p.A. towersModel of the 120 MW combined cycle power plant equipped with SCAM S.p.A. towers


In 1930 takes place the first football World Cup in Uruguay. AL CAPONE is arrested. PLUTO planet is discovered.


SCAM S.p.A. was born in Turin as an expression of SCAM S.A. Société de Condensation et Application Mecanique in Paris. In addition to the vocation for the engineering applied to the industrial thermo-technique for the planning and supply of tubes bundle evaporators, then multiflash, that equipped the great transatlantic liners such as Andrea Doria - Michelangelo – Raffaello, previously it equipped echo sounding for civil and military ships; the submarines and the REX dreadnought have been the most significant examples of this.


Moreover, in addition to the evaporators, began the auxiliaries of the thermo-technical cycle such as degassers, ejectors, thermal compressors, condensers, heat exchangers, vacuum pumps, air and water filters and... cooling towers.


In the fifties, the first generation of TORRIELLI family entered in business relationship with SCAM S.p.A. by devoting themselves particularly to Evaporative Water Cooling Towers and acquiring experience “starting from the bottom”, both for the planning and the in-field realization, since the ancient towers were dedicated to the great petrochemical and compounds installations and they had, consequently, huge dimensions. The reinforced concrete structures were a must. In those years the acquisition of the license regarding the planning and construction of NATURAL DRAFT COOLING TOWERS and hyperbolic profile, acquired by Mouchel & Partner in London. Beside they were installed at the petrochemical complexes of the time among which are ANIC - SAROM - GARRONE - MEDITERRANEA - VETROCOKE; Iron and steel ones - DALMINE - ITALSIDER; Geothermal power plants - ENEL LARDERELLO;  tires - PIRELLI ecc.


The Italy latitude (with a wet bulb temperature unfavorable for this kind of towers) along with civil works high costs, didn’t  permit any important development of these towers, by encouraging instead the mechanical draft ones.


In the eighties the first generation of the family dedicated themselves independently to cooling towers, in that period the industrial plants amortizations were reduced since the more and more rapid development of the technology, along with the need to install towers  more and more dedicated to the various plants, required more compact towers, without any need of permits and with spaces that might be exploited again at the end of their life, in a polyvalent way. The PACKAGE TOWERS expanded powerfully.


In the nineties the second generation of the family consisting of the founder two sons, entered the market and, by progressively gaining experience, with more and more responsibility. General Managing and Responsibility of the fan sector, whose development had been decided years before in order to be able to have their fans also for towers of its own production, these experiences have been  the springboards for the subsequent development.


In two thousand years, the new century brought, for the first five years, a market development by entering commercial sectors different from the traditional one. During the second five-year period, by acquiring the cooling towers sector from SCAM S.p.A., SCAM T.P.E. Towers Package Equipment S.r.l. was born. Under the drive of the second generation, the company grew considerably, with a young and dynamic staff and acquiring licenses for cutting edge technologies such as license agreements with Tower Tech in Oklahoma City USA, company that holds patents for the realization of direct forced draft towers, characterized by an extraordinary technology, unique in the world.


The participation in the ownership of a “strong” partner, completed its development plan exponentially.


Today SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. has further expanded its own traditional commodity sector, by planning and realizing every type of package towers by any type of material; huge dimensions and pumping systems, water treatments, energy recovering systems, noise attenuation systems even for existing towers, revamping, complete installations, after-market services and rentals are fully and steadily developing. Clearly new resources are necessary. A long time has passed  but, thanks to our enthusiasm and the passion for our Job, we are not tired. However new perspectives are needed. The third generation of Torrielli’s family is studying... at the moment we are teaching them honesty and fairness: we are waiting for them!