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-Example of an installed SCAMAIRST-STD 3 blades 1800 mm impeller-D3 hub for diameters from 6 to 24 feetHD hub for diameters from 6 to 24 feetSTD hub for smaller diameters-


The SCAMAIR/ST fans are engineered and manufactured according to the experience achieved in the cooling towers sector since 1950. The blades profiles are made up of extruded aluminum 6060 T5 or of pultruded reinforced fiberglass.

All the profiles are of asymmetric “NACA” aeronautic type designed for the best efficiency and durability according to the strictest noise standards.

The blades holder hub has an unprecedented innovative design, engineered to reduce vibrations to a minimum and it allows the mounting of a blade at a time, for an easy and fast maintenance. It is incredibly obtained from a single aluminum extrusion and consequently it is processed with precision.  

The forces on the fan blades are alternating ones because of the turbulences that occur during the normal service. This type of inserts (backups inside the blades) and fastening systems allow the slight oscillation of it and then allow to absorb the vibrations generated.

The blades fit is possible when the impeller is still through simple registers that allow the inclination of these.