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The FAS/FASF series combine a great versatility with a limited installation time and workforce. They are preassembled modular solutions, adaptable to existing structures and dedicated to every industrial sector with a package conception. These models are characterized by SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. well defined standards with performances over 15 MW and are supplied with a preassembled structure in hot galvanized steel according to EN ISO 1461 standard and with a purity UNI1179. The cooling tower body is thus composed by several modules that, placed side by side, give shape to a single structure. The FAS/FASF series are equipped with sandwich insulated walls (22-26 mm thick), made of an expanded polymer covered by an external layer in FRP, which guarantees an excellent aesthetics and a higher durability. The stacks are usually made of fiberglass, located on a fan deck in galvanized steel. Collecting basin (if required) is protected with a hybrid treatment of high tickness (> 1000 gr/m2), performed on wrought carpentry, called SCAMBOND/HYB made up of a first galvanizing coat on blasted surfaces Sa3 ISO8501-1 plus a specific epoxy-polyamidic bi-component cycle and further applying on it another coat of aliphatic-polyurethanic bi-component type. In FASF series, on the basin internal surface, the SCAMBOND/HYB cycle is replaced by the DURABOND/HYB one consisting of three fiberglass layers (on request) on wrought and blasted sheet, which guarantees an excellent corrosion resistance. FAS/FASF towers have dimensions compatible with road and ocean transport. The ordinary maintenance and sometimes even the extraordinary one is ensured by oversized inspection doors placed for every cell/fan unit and by a removable wall placed on the tower body with handles for a secure grip. The fan units are planned for a long life, with components of utmost quality and a very easy maintenance program. The SCAMBOND/HYB protection system is among the most complete exterior protection cycle available on the market without having to pass to the  stainless steel (which holds, in any case, various limitations due to its metallurgy), developed during several decades of experience and many tests on field, with an overall coating of 1000 gr/m2.



The structure is characterized by profiles made of galvanized steel using hot immersion process according to UNI EN ISO 1461 standard with purity UNI1179. The main features are stainless steel bolts, lightness and solidity of the main structure. This structure typology envisages the utilization of lateral cover panels realized with insulated sandwich of 22-26 mm., in polyurethane and FRP coating (with excellent qualities in insulation and noise reduction) or alternatively in galvanized/painted steel (version ZN). The fiberglass not welded panels allow an easy extraordinary maintenance and moreover allow the tower renewal both in a functioning way and an aesthetic way, which inevitably deteriorates over of time. The top walkable cover is made up of a profiles frame bent according to plant and final customer requirements, in galvanized steel UNI EN ISO 1461 with purity UNI1179 (with 85 um layer) or on request totally in FRP. The collecting basin (if required) is supplied with a preassembled structure consisting of protected panels in welded plate: externally with our hybrid protective SCAMBOND/HYB cycle, meanwhile internally, only in FASF series, it is employed the hybrid protective differentiated DURABOND/HYB-F cycle made up of three fiberglass layers moulded directly on internal surfaces. The continuous improvement process of SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. cooling towers led to the development of SCAM/ SHIELD internal plastic coating, a thermoplastic sheet which covers the internal walls of the tower body, wrapping the dispersion elements and ensuring multiple benefits, such as:

  • - reduction of “by-pass on wall” phenomenon of the spray water with the consequent increase in the cooling efficiency of the tower;
  • - the elimination of possible water losses from the tower walls;
  • - the complete isolation of the hydraulic circuit from the contact with the galvanized steel structure of the tower.

In particular, the latter advantage along with the possibility to foresee the DURABOND/HYB protective cycle in basin (three layers of fiberglass to protect the metallic basin), make our towers comparable to the fiberglass ones, but we preserve the undeniable advantage of a robust and durable steel support structure.



For TAS/TASF SERIES of smaller dimensions (width up to 3,6 mt.) the electric motor is placed inside the saturated air flow directly coupled with the impeller. The motor foreseen for utilization in saturated ambient is asynchronous three-phase TEFC with SKF bearings type 2RSC3, with watertight oiled, IP55 + SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. specifications which ensure durability. On the same an axial fan in fiberglass or in aluminum alloy is placed. The main characteristics are the stacks with or without dynamic pressure recovery. In the case of bigger dimensions constructions, then starting from 4,4-4,8 mt width ( in line with bigger towers series TAR or FEC “field erected”)  the electrical motor is placed outside the saturated air flow, the carbon fiber drive shaft starts up the orthogonal axes reducer, whereon is placed the fiberglass or aluminum alloy impeller. The main characteristics are the stacks with or without dynamic pressure recovery and the level and external lubrication plant.                           

Axial fans: With multiblade solution, have the function to ensure the cooling tower with the necessary air volume. The impeller is placed on the cell high section (levelled with tower planking level) and it is directly coupled on the speed reducer shaft. The high efficiency blades are of asymmentric profile “NACA” aeronautic type, balanced with “PALA MASTER” system; all the blades are equipped with the adjustable incidence solution with still fan in order to optimize the tower performances and the electric power consumption. The constituent materials are the galvanized steel or aluminum for the hub and FRP or aluminum alloy for the blades.  

Drive shafts: they have the function of transmitting the movement and the twisting couple from electrical motor to the orthogonal reducer.  It is a self-supporting type able to tolerate small misalignments that may occur on service. In order to absorb “shock”, vibrations and starts, the joints are of elastic, disc packs type, minimizing assembly operations time and reducing its complexity.

Electric motors: are planned for severe conditions with continuous working type S1 IEC 3 at high efficiency according to the new standard IEC 60034-30. In case of indirect transmission, the motors are placed outside the moist flow crossing the FRP stacks and are autoventilated. The electric motors frames are designed to transfer the dynamic loads to the cooling tower structure, minimising vibrations and allowing an easy and intuitive maintenance. All the rotating parts outside the stack are protected against accidental interferences in accordance with the most updated safety standards.

Reducers: They conduct the motor speed to the value required by the impellers. The chassis is perfectly sealed in order to avoid any entry of water inside; the precision seals on the slow and fast shaft are of labyrinth type. The chassis is properly tightened to withstand stress accumulated during the functioning, in order to dissipate heat without dedicated auxiliary organs. Construction and sizing  are in accordance to standard AGMA (at least with service factor 2 on the absorbed power).

Lubrication and oil level system: The fan group is equipped with a lubrication system complete with:

  • - Oil pipe extending up to the stack outside in order to prevent any possible water and steam contamination coming from the cooling tower.
  • - Topping and draining pipe. The same pipe is used for both the operations by means of a drain valve.
  • - Level indicator perfectly aligned with the indicator on the orthogonal reducer.

Unexpected vibration switch: All the fan cells/groups  are equipped with a switch cutting the motors power in case of excessive vibrations and it is contained outside the fan duct.



A large part of the mechanical units of FAS/FASF towers have a reinforced fiberglass stack with UV treatment composed of sectors to be flanged between them through stainless steel bolts. Each stack has a circular and conic inlet junction; the outlet section is divergent for a dynamic pressure recovery with a consequent high efficiency of impeller. The stack sections are connected with joints able to optimize diameter facilitating assembly and to control GAP between the impeller diameter and the stack by maximizing the performances. The stacks are fixed to the structure through dedicated bolts by securing them to the tower planking level. Each stack is equipped with an inspection door to facilitate the fan group maintenance. In some cases for smaller dimensions and then with direct coupling motor-fan, it is foreseen a thick steel stack with SCAMBOND/HYB protection and a circular inlet junction.



Inside the cooling tower upper section is placed the distribution system. It is composed by a glavanized steel main channel connected to secondary ones in PVC self-extinguishing/HDGS whereon the spray nozzles are placed  to ensure a water uniform distribution upon all the dispersion section.  

The a.m. nozzles are of Eco type. This innovative spray nozzle has been designed to reach the following main goals: 

  • - Large square water distribution (approximately 1 m2) in order to avoid any possible overlapping of the nozzles distribution on the same dispersion surface.
  • - Uniform hydraulic load in order to avoid any air bypass where the load is low and not equally supplied.
  • - Lower distance between nozzle and filling  (600 mm) in order to reduce pumping elevation.
  • - Low pressure of utilization in order to reduce pumping elevation.
  • - Self cleaning surface by means of dedicated hydraulic impeller.   
  • - Anti clogging.



SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. towers can be offered with structure and paneling completely in stainless steel (304 or 316 according to the requirements) where the project characteristics make necessary the employment of highly corrosion resistant metallurgies.



On request the TAS/TASF SERIES cells are equipped with the following items, designed in accordance with the most updated safety regulations and to satisfy the most demanding plant standards:

  • - Back-up frame to mechanical groups.
  • - Safety handrails.
  • - Access ladder to deck.
  • - Inspection hatch and/or inspection door of 850x850 mm. size.


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