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Simplified tanks opening in FRPPre-prepared mounts on the cabinWater collecting basin at increased heigthCabin under constructionCabin type B for direct connection to the cooling tower basinWired conductivity meter foreseen for water analysisParticular of the pumping skidParticular of dosing pumps for water treatmentPlant and cabin labelingATEX softening plantFiltration plant inside the cabin with cyclone filterGrounding according to ATEX specificationsATEX control panelsATEX control panelControl panel ready for positioningConnection piping pre-prepared for inspectionPlant Overall DrawingPanel according to ATEX SHELL -40°C specificationsControl panel for sable filtration skidFiltration system scheme with automatic mechanical filterProducts tanks in FRPSystem during assembly for inspectionDosing system, with FRP tanks and ATEX pumpsCyclone filtration systemPumping and filtration connected systemPumping and filtration connected systemAutomatic purge systemWater treatment and ATEX control systemSable filtration skid under constructionPumping skid and connectionsAll-skid solutions shipped pre-preparedFRP tanks for softening plantMotorized shut-off valves



SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l. cooling plants embody all our experience achieved in this field dated back to the fifties, with variable powers up to 28 MW thermal. Our water cooling plants peculiarity regards the possibility to be “package” type and shipped already assembled via camion or via container. There are many and many possible combinations and the relevant applications starting from the petrochemical sector to the pharmaceutical one up to the energy production units. Here are our plants main components and systems: 

  • - Open circuit cooling towers;
  • - Plate heat exchangers including pump system dedicated on primary and secondary circuits;
  • - Tube bundle heat exchangers;
  • - Power supply systems with pump skid;
  • - Filtration systems with sand filters;
  • - Filtration systems with electromechanical filters;
  • - “Make-up” plant automatic systems;
  • - Water softening systems;
  • - Water filtration systems with cyclone filters (see also our technical sheet about SWTF filtration packages at the water treatment section);
  • - Complete water treatments pre-assembled in 20 and 40 ft. containers (see also our technical sheet about water treatment packages SWT-1, SWT-2 and automatic purge SWT-AP at the water treatment section)
  • - Complete control systems  (placed in the container at previous point)

You have the possibility to choose your own solution in accordance to your requirements by means of “All in one” skids already wired and complete with connections with tailored welded pipes.  

In fact the plant is completely assembled at our workshops; it is thus possible to inspect and view it before shipment (afterwards the connections are disassembled and packed).

The system core  is a 20 or 40 ft container  (with insulated walls and interior lighting, optionally it is also available an air conditioning system)  planned by SCAM T.P.E. S.r.l Inside this we will able to find, in pre-prepared zones, the section dedicated to the plant control with MCC panels (optionally equipped with frequency converters to optimize the energy savings), the section dedicated to water treatment, the section dedicated to softening and filtration with cyclone filter (the possible sand and electromechanical filtration generally  is placed outside the container) and moreover the one dedicated to automatic “make-up”. The container on the perimeter walls has all the water, electrical, instrumental connections able to connect to the external skids, mentioned at the previous points.